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Today, Michael and I met Dr. Curry, a neurologist to discuss new symptoms I’ve been experiencing. Flashback to May 2014 when I first had one of these “episodes”…

I had just completed The Murph (an intense Crossfit WOD) when I suddenly felt very lightheaded and weak in the knees.  As I sat outside by myself and tried to gain my composure, I had a very strong burning sensation in my sinuses which turned into a very, very bad chemical-like taste in my mouth.  The gym was next to a autobody shop and I immediately thought they must be painting cars that day.  I walked around the corner waving my arms trying to get away from the spray but fell to knees gagging from the taste.  I was able to get a hold of myself and joined my friends back in the gym.  I had another milder episode the next evening while getting the girls out of the bath.  I initially thought they were the result of having low blood sugar or even panic attacks even though they seemed to happen no matter what I was doing or feeling.  One even happened while in bed, almost asleep!  I hadn’t had any more episodes since my surgery and diagnosis.  We attributed them to the extreme swelling in my brain due to the tumor.

I had been on anti-seizure medication since July, until a month ago when I was weaned off.  We assumed I hadn’t had seizures so there was no need to be on the Keppra.  Two weeks ago, the episodes returned.  This was scary because they hadn’t happened since my surgery and if the tumor was gone no longer causing my brain to swell then what could be causing this?  Dr. Chaudhary insisted that  I go back on Keppra twice a day and also that I meet Dr. Curry, a neurologist in her office.

We met with him today and after answering many questions and describing the episodes as best as possible, he determined that these were indeed seizures.  Diagnosis:  Partially Epileptic.  What we didn’t know is that there are many different kinds of seizures a person can have.  Some are just 3-4 seconds of “blanking out” and others are the Grand Mal seizures that we all have heard about that involve convulsions and foaming at the mouth.  I will be on anti-seizure meds my whole life but still have the ability to drive because I have never fainted or passed out.    (Thanks goodness!)  Dr. Curry said that 95% of his patients are not allowed to drive.  I am allowed to be by myself and can be alone with the girls, so I’m very thankful.  The only restriction is that I am not allowed to bathe without another adult home with me.  Anyone who knows me at all, knows that I LOVE taking long, hot baths sometimes multiple times a day!  It’s my happy place!  The up side about this is that I will certainly be more productive around the house now.  :)

Dr. Curry says that what I’m experiencing is completely normal and to be expected and caused by nerves trying to re-fire where the tumor was removed.  Personally, I feel a sense of relief because now we have answers to what these episodes are and we know it’s not due to swelling in the brain.  I will see Dr. Curry in 6 months unless I have no seizures.  For that, I am blessed.

Thank you all for following me on my journey and God bless you!

Love and Sunshine,


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